Building Sustainable New Homes That Won’t Cost The Earth

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Sustainable Homes Combined With Stylish Designs

Sustainable homes combined with stylish designs

Leading Dunedin eco home builders Seaview Cottage Construction have combined sustainable homes with cutting edge design.

Our passion is for minimising the impact of home construction on our environment without compromising on style and functionality. We have incorporated modern construction techniques and building systems with leading design innovations to create the perfect marriage between a stunning house design and an environmentally friendly home.

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Sustainable Homes That Won’t Cost The Earth – Bringing Down The Cost To Build Sustainably

The cost to build a new house in New Zealand is climbing, making it harder and harder for people to make sustainable choices. Many who would like a more eco-friendly home feel they have to choose between an affordable and a sustainable home. Seaview Cottage Construction has made a commitment to bring down the cost to build a new house without compromising the planet.

We are applying these same sustainable principles to our commercial construction too, reducing waste and re-purposing materials where practicable, and sourcing product and people locally.

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What We Have Achieved In Sustainable Home and Commercial Construction

Here at Seaview Cottage Construction we believe that saving the planet doesn’t have to cost the earth.  Since its inception, the company has focus has been to design and build affordable eco homes for our clients in Dunedin and Otago. This has extended into our commercial building work too, as more businesses embrace sustainable principles and having safer, more efficient spaces in which to live, work and play.

Building waste has been dramatically reduced through improved site practises and re-purposing of existing materials for renovation projects.

We have researched and created a range of cost-effective building systems that are produced locally and provide superior thermal insulation and low environmental impact.

The materials we use are mainly natural, using no harmful chemicals except where building standards require it.

As the company evolves, we hope to achieve a 100% chemical-free home design in the future, and make it accessible to the average Kiwi homeowner, and lead the way forward in sustainable homes and commercial spaces in New Zealand.

We now own our own timber mill so that we can cut our own timber framing and beams from local plantations of sustainably grown hardwoods and pine.

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