Our dream is to change the way we build houses in New Zealand

Seaview Cottage Construction

A Sustainable Building Journey

Seaview Cottage Construction is a Dunedin based building company with a strong focus on sustainable building practises, owned by Campbell and Kimberley Romeril. It is named after an historic cottage the couple found overlooking the northern coast in Mihiwaka, Dunedin, Otago.

Following a deep dissatisfaction with a hectic urban lifestyle, they uprooted and began their journey to embrace a simpler lifestyle, and create a better future through establishing Seaview Cottage Construction.

When Campbell and Kim launched Seaview Cottage Construction, they had big dreams about creating a sustainable building company here in Dunedin that would one day help to change the way we build houses in New Zealand.

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Meet Our Team

Setting the bar as quality home builders

Campbell Romeril
Campbell RomerilOwner of Seaview Cottage Construction

Campbell & Kim Romeril

Cam was particularly keen to have more control over the quality of work he was engaging in. His high standards, both of service and construction, have quickly earned him a reputation for delivering above expectations in execution and finish for the projects he undertakes.

As a result, Seaview Cottage Construction grew from a two-man building team, with Kim managing the business side of things, to a construction firm with a team of eighteen within its first year – and they continue to grow.

“Our values are centred upon environmentally sustainable practices with a holistic approach to achieving safer, more efficient spaces to live in. We knew that if we were to realise our visions of creating sustainable homes and developing green construction systems we would have to do it under our own brand.” – Cam Romeril

Building an Experienced Team

Sam Cross
Sam CrossHead Builder / Foreman & Construction Manager

Sam Cross

The bulk of building experience lies with Campbell and construction manager Sam Cross.

Sam adds a further 17 years as a builder to Cam’s decade or more in Building, Architectural Design and Construction Management. The attraction of working for a firm with a passion for sustainable building fitted nicely with Sam, who spent 18 months contracted to DoC constructing, forestry huts, walking tracks, bridges and viewing platforms.

Sam also enjoys the opportunity to mentor the apprentices at Seaview Cottage Construction.

“Seeing a young fella master something and witnessing the moment something clicks for the first time, then they are away – you can’t beat that.”

Rosie Olsen
Rosie OlsenOffice Manager

Rosie Olsen

Office Manager Rosie Olsen is the jack of all trades in the office, and she joins Darryn in taking over the day to day business management from Cam and Kim.

Health and Safety is at the top of Rosie’s list, along with overseeing project timelines and logistics, accounts and payroll, and following up on enquiries.

Formerly in events management, Rosie is incredibly organised and process driven, and is relishing the more complex and meatier aspect of construction projects and the new set of challenges it brings.  She also enjoys the team atmosphere and feels inspired by Cam and Kim’s commitment and passion, and the company ethic around working ‘for the industry’ as much as ‘in the industry’.

“The idea of taking a mainstream industry and leading the way forward in being a sustainable eco-friendly one until it becomes the mainstream of the industry. I think that is where it needs to be.”

Tom Oxley
Tom OxleyForeman / Qualified Builder

Tom Oxley

First to join the team at Seaview Cottage Construction was Tom Oxley. With 5 years’ previous building experience and 5 years’ related trade experience before that, Tom’s exceptional carpentry skills were a perfect fit for Campbell’s exacting standards. Tom shares Campbell’s satisfaction in providing a finish to an extremely high level.

Working for Seaview Cottage construction gives Tom great job satisfaction, and this is reflected in the calibre of good people who have come to work in a positive working environment.

Since they started the team has grown. Tom and Cam set the bar high and everyone works hard to reach it.

“We are more like an extended family. As it is a new company with a smaller, younger team, it makes the dynamic different than a big firm with a lot of older tradesmen.”

Adam Hodgson
Adam Hodgson Apprentice Builder

Adam Hodgson

 Adam Hodgson completed his pre-trade certificate in 2016 and joined Seaview Cottage Construction in July 2017, which came about through knowing Sam.

“I’m enjoying learning all the skills of becoming a qualified builder with Seaview. It’s especially satisfying when we have worked on a job from the ground up, to see the finished product.”

Ivan Mason
Ivan MasonApprentice Builder

Ivan Mason

Ivan Mason is another apprentice with Seaview Cottage Construction, although you wouldn’t know it by looking at him. Ivan switched to building after 20+ years in IT. After all those years in an office, he felt it was time for a change.

Interestingly, Ivan started out as an engineer before stumbling across IT, and has the advantage of being able to weld, which makes him useful for some of the unusual jobs that crop up onsite. Ivan is particularly drawn to wood turning and the bespoke aspect of building, working with the raw materials.

“I like separating the materials out – what I call deconstruction – figuring out how we can repurpose materials and reduce building waste.”

“It’s nice to see a result for your day’s graft.”

Sam Kempton
Sam KemptonQualified Builder / Foreman

Sam Kempton

Sam Kempton met Campbell in a bar and the two got talking about sustainable building. Sam remembers Cam’s passion for environmentally responsible building practise from that chance encounter, and he was hooked. When Campbell needed to employ another foreman to keep up with the company’s growth, Sam immediately said yes.

This was a chance to become a foreman, in work Sam wanted to get into – eco building, innovative, green but with a practical and doable approach.

Sam was impressed with the team Cam and Kim had put together when he joined Seaview Cottage Construction, how they fitted together so well. The role also appealed to Sam’s sense of taking time to do a quality job, as he firmly believes that efficiency does not always equal hast or speed to get through tasks

“It is a testament to Cam’s ability to find like-minded people and attract them through his passion for excellence.”

Cooper Waymouth
Cooper WaymouthQualified Builder

Cooper Waymouth

Cooper Waymouth is one of the fully qualified builders on the team; despite his youthful appearance he brings the experience of working for a residential building firm in Freemantle, predominantly on heritage buildings. 100-120 year old buildings are common there, so Cooper is relishing the opportunity to do more restoration work on heritage homes in Dunedin.

 Cooper is impressed with how Cam is inspiring the whole team to look at sustainability, and how he makes it really interesting.

“I particularly like the locally sourced aspect, the local timbers that we are going to be using to make our own beams and structural timber from.”

Gavin Ferguson
Gavin FergusonArchitectural Draftsman

Gavin Ferguson

A key part of Seaview Cottage Construction’s journey to success is the ability to design and create the house plans to implement their eco building systems creatively and effectively. The rapid growth of the business has left less time for Cam to draw up the house plans for the new clients the business is attracting. Experienced draftsman Gavin Ferguson was brought in as an architectural drafting intern, and is now a permanent member of the team.

  Gavin spent 15 years as a commercial carpenter before studying to be a draftsman, which gives him a better understanding of what will work when it comes to implementing his designs.

“I have always been attracted to the drawing side of    building; now I am still constructing, but with lines.”

Whilst Gavin’s skills are being implemented in interpreting the brief, creating the design and then drawing up the plans, Cam’s time is freed up for focusing on Research and development of innovative, environmentally sustainable construction systems. It is these that will cement Seaview Cottage Construction as the leaders in sustainable building in New Zealand that they are well on their way to becoming.

“I have always been attracted to the drawing side of building; now I am still constructing, but with lines.”

Bradley Henderson
Bradley HendersonApprentice Builder

Bradley Henderson

Bradley Henderson came on board with Seaview Cottage Construction in 2017 as a new apprentice, after completing the ‘Build a House’ pre-trade carpentry course at Otago Polytech. He enjoys the banter and camaraderie that continues to flourish as the business expands.

“There were 10 people when I started, and we just grew.”

Bradley particularly likes how the communication between each person on the team is really strong.

“There is a willingness to teach, and to give me jobs I am capable of doing, which helps me to develop confidence. If I don’t know something, there is someone there to take the time to show me.”

Ayumu Kobayashi
Ayumu KobayashiForeman / Qualified Builder

Ayumu Kobayashi

Ayumu Kobayashi completed his builder’s apprenticeship in November 2017 whilst working for another local building firm. He joined Seaview Cottage Construction at the start of 2018, after his friend Sam Kempton raved about how great they were to work for.

What Ayumu found was a company led by genuinely nice people who want to do good in the industry, setting high standards, nurturing talent and leading by example.

“It really seems like they care about their workers – it makes you want to work harder and do better.”

With his LBP qualifications completed, Ayumu has demonstrated the leadership skills to be promoted to site foreman, and is thriving on the new responsibilities that come with the role.

“I am learning how to do jobs better and more efficiently, but also other things like how to manage a site properly, which is awesome. I am building up my confidence every day, dealing with subbies and clients.”

Christie Watson
Christie WatsonApprentice Builder

Christie Watson

New apprentice Christie Watson joined Seaview Cottage Construction straight out of school. Carpentry is in Christie’s blood. Her Dad is a builder and her older sister is a joiner, so there was plenty of support at home for Christie’s career choice. “I’m also lucky to have a great woodwork teacher at Otago Girls’ High School, who encouraged me to follow my dream.”

Despite being the youngest, and a girl, Christie truly feels like one of the crew. “Seaview sorted out what I needed to start my apprenticeship, and they are providing good, proactive teaching.

Although Christie hasn’t yet figured out exactly where her journey will take her, she is loving what she is doing at the moment. One thing she knows for certain is, Seaview Cottage Construction is a great place to start.

“The other builders are great at helping me when I need it, and they are not unrealistic about my capabilities – for instance, they don’t expect me to reach really high!”

Caleb Matheson
Caleb MathesonApprentice Builder

Caleb Matheson

Caleb Matheson learned to love the hands-on aspect of building at an early age; “As a kid I remember my granddad was always building and fixing things at his house.”

Caleb took woodwork at school and signed up for the secondary schools’ Gateway programme, which placed him with a building company one day a week, where he enjoyed working with tradies for the first time.

At the end of 2017 Caleb heard that his friend Brad was now working for Seaview Cottage Construction, he phoned Cam and set up an interview. “Sam (Cross) showed me around. I met some of the guys and got to see what I would be doing.”

Caleb started in January 2018 with Seaview as a builder’s labourer, and has since been offered an apprenticeship. The different scope of the work so far has already broadened his horizons.

“I had only worked on new houses before, and thought I preferred it – now I think I like renos more.”

Reiji Benjamin
Reiji BenjaminApprentice Builder

Reiji Benjamin

Reiji Benjamin was studying English at Polytech when a friend who worked for Seaview Cottage Construction told him about some holiday work coming up. At home in Japan Reiji was a steel worker, but after getting a taste for construction he is now determined to become a qualified builder.

“I like building, but also I really loved the company – it’s like a big family – so I quit Polytech and came to work with Seaview fulltime.”

Under the guidance of Sam Cross and the other qualified builders on the team, Reiji is looking forward to learning everything there is to know about good building.

“It will be cool to build my own house one day.”

Expert Partners Agree

Throughout the build process…, Seaview Cottage Construction have been proactive and diligent, producing a high level of workmanship in both the structural strengthening and architectural finish of the completed areas.”


It was a pleasure having Sam and Tom and then Adam on site and we missed them when they left. The quality of the work was great. Cooperation was excellent. All the trades have said it’s one of the best sites they have worked on.”


When working with old structures it is not uncommon for unexpected issues to arise once work starts and the buildings structure is exposed. When this occurred, we found Seaview Cottage Construction to be a pleasure to work with, enabling us to find a structurally viable and cost-effective solution to resolve the issues.”


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